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Quality upholstery cleaning

From modern sofas to precious antiques, at Nu-Look Carpet Cleaning we know the vital role your upholstered furniture plays. For those who enjoy entertaining, it offers comfort to your guests. For families, upholstered furniture is at the heart of the home and sees use every day. It’s only natural for spills and stains to occur, especially if you have pets.

We offer a variety of upholstery cleaning methods which can be tailored to meet your furniture’s needs. Our skilled professionals are trained to identify soils and remove them effectively using our proven methods.

We take extra care when working with upholstery and understand that each fabric has specific cleaning needs. It is especially true for dining chairs because we must correctly identify the type of food spill before removing the stain. Our experts can help identify the source of the stain and take appropriate measures to remove the stain without damaging the fabric.
In our efforts to provide quality work, we continually remain up to date on upholstery cleaning knowledge, whether it’s with knowing the latest cleaners or acquiring equipment. That allows us to offer you the most current and effective cleaning services available.

We have experience in working with antique furniture and will take extra care when working with delicate fabrics and fibres. We understand that heirloom furniture has specific cleaning needs and will communicate thoroughly with you before performing any services.

Whether you need a single piece cleaned or an entire house full, our competitive prices and flexibility are what makes us a trusted business in Port Stephens and surrounds. As always, customised quotes are free.